Welcome to your 'Confident Next Chapter!'


I help divorced women heal emotionally and spiritually to move on to their next chapter with confidence!


Do you have a low sense of self worth and little to no self esteem?
Do you suffer with anxiety as a result of your divorce?
Do you lack direction and feel you have a clear purpose now that your future dreams and desires have gone? 


As a Divorce Recovery Coach, I can help you to heal through past and subsequent traumas, enabling you to gain clarity on what you want to do or have in the future and move on to your next journey filled with confidence!


If you want to re-establish your identity, strengthen your self worth and 'ditch the 'D' word' then come and join me!
''At the beginning of our journey together, I felt overwhelmed and that this life ‘was my lot’ – hard work, juggling to keep the balls in the air and taking the weight of responsibility of being a single parent very seriously.
 Naomi consistently held space for me in our sessions, asking questions which really seemed to get to the centre of the challenges I was experiencing but done in a really positive, encouraging way.
 I think my biggest win from our time together so far is that change is possible, starting to move my dreams for a better life towards coming to fruition and it feels really great!  Very energising too! 
 One thing that has really surprised with when working with Naomi, is her ability to calmly help me navigate an emotional rollercoaster that is my life but breaking things down into manageable and workable chunks so I can actually see progress!
 I highly recommend Naomi, she makes the impossible feel very possible and that’s fantastic!''