If you are reading this then I'm guessing you're looking for information and experience from someone who has 'been there and done that'.


Of course, our own experiences are unique to us and we are left with different practical aspects and emotions to work through - I absolutely understand!


 Being the eldest of 6, I was very responsible from a young age and felt that for the rest of my life, I would always be helping people. After going through my own divorce at the age of 32, I felt completely lost. I tried to fill the void, hated being alone, and suffered with health anxiety. All my hopes and dreams for the future had to be redesigned.

As I'm sure you can resonate, there were lots of different challenges and I coped with some better than others. 

I did it though - with some help! And life after divorce has been filled with opportunities, hope and love. 

I know this road can seem daunting, hopeless and it may feel like you will never be happy again. I can assure you that if you let go and be open to receiving these blessings, life after divorce can be even better than you possibly imagined!

Who I Help

Are you a divorced woman who is lacking confidence, has low self worth and suffers with anxiety and feelings of overwhelm?

Do you feel like you don't deserve to be happy again and engage in negative coping strategies that do not serve you well? 

Would you like to know what self love is really all about and give yourself permission to gain clarity about what you want in your life after divorce?

If so, I can help you!

I am a Divorce Recovery Coach and I help women heal emotionally and spiritually from the effects of their divorce/separation, to feel happier & more confident in their next chapter through online coaching.

Why Work With Me

With nearly a decade of experience working in supporting the mental health needs and emotional wellbeing of others, I have helped hundreds of people feel good again!


I am a certified coach and now work with divorced women who will be held by me in a safe and secure space to becoming self led in the process. I have combined all of my experience and knowledge to design the 'Confident Next Chapter' programme.


Embracing spiritually has changed my life and my own personal growth story is ever evolving.

Why now?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it has shown us not to take a second for granted. As we look forward to new beginnings and a fresh start, I invite you to start yours by working with me.

I'd love to connect with you and help you on your 'life after divorce' journey!

Whilst the website is being constructed, please email me at hello@naomiwoodfordcoaching.com for more details!

Love & light,

Naomi x

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“You were born of the stars, dear girl; stop settling for the dust they leave behind.''

Daniel Walsh